Dzūkija National Park


Margionys village (and the house) is located within the territory of Dzūkija National Park (DNP). DNP is the largest protected area in Lithuania and occupies close to 56 000 ha. The DNP is located in the administrative territories of four municipalities, in a densely forested part of Lithuania. Forests occupy about 85% of the total DNP's area. In total, DNP contains 79 villages and a town of Merkinė and accommodates a population of 4300.

There are no big mountains in Lithuania. The highest place in DNP is 168 meters above the sea level; the lowest - 66 meters. In total, 30 rivers and rivulets flow through DNP, including the Lithuania's largest river Nemunas, and 48 lakes are located in the territory of the park. DNP is a home to 18 nature monuments and 27 natural heritage objects - old pine trees with the bee hives, relicts of old-fashioned bee-keeping, the banks of Ūla, Merkys and Nemunas rivers, springs, hills and lakes.

The administration of the DNP has established five museums. More detailed information on the DNP can be obtained either in advance from the Park's website or by visiting one of their information centers. The information center closest to Margionys is in Marcinkonys.