Rights and duties


  • Members of the Club have a right to spend 10 nights in the house free of charge
  • Members can stay on their own or with a family. Usually it is considered that a family would consist of up to 2 adults and their 2 children (under 18 years old)
  • Members have a right to invite 2 additional adult guests and 1 child. Should a member wish to invite a larger number of guests, an additional fee must be paid
  • Members may use all things present on the property, except for the personal belongings of the other members of the Club
  • If the member wishes to stay at the house for more than 10 days in the course of the year - an additional fee is to be paid, which is smaller than a regular price
  • Members have a right to express their opinion (most appropriately - during the annual meetings) on the investment needs (to be done by the owners) in order to improve the living environment in the house
  • There is no compensation paid for the unused nights in the course of the year


  • Leave the house in a better condition than it was found; meaning that each member has a duty to clean after him/herself
  • In the course of the stay, pay attention to the state of the house and other buildings, utilities and equipment. If noticed that something is not functioning properly - immediately inform the owners
  • It is up to the members to inform the owners about how many persons and when will be staying at the house